Brandon W., July 15, 2021 | he/they | Charlotte, NC

After meeting with Jesse the first time, all of my worries, fears, and insecurities started melting away. I’ve always struggled with going to the gym and Jesse has changed that. I immediately felt supported and loved and will absolutely continue training with Jesse for as long as I can. 12/10 would recommend!!

Kim K., July 7, 2021 | she/her | Charlotte, NC

Jesse meets me where I am and tailors the workout to my fitness level. He also addresses emotional and spiritual fitness. It’s a workout for the mind, body and soul!

Gabe M., July 7, 2021 | he/him | NC

When I had the first meeting with Jesse, one of the first things he said was that he’s not your typical personal trainer. That is true. I’ve worked with a couple of different trainers throughout the years and Jesse’s work stands out. I think that we spent about an hour just talking through objectives and goals… and just life. And that’s the thing, your fitness is part of your life so the fact that Jesse takes the time to really get to know you, your daily habits, your likes and dislikes, etc… and then comes up with a plan that fits your needs vs just give you something that you could get from a free app online really made a difference. Not to mention that the challenges are fun.

Rudy S., May 13, 2021 | he/him | Charlotte, NC

Working with Jesse at Full Sun Fitness is awesome! From the start of the training session we find focus on the desired goals, and then from there, use that info to get the desired results. The workout experience is great, and the results after each session get better and stronger each time. It seems like I now have more energy during the week doing my everyday activities. I highly recommend Jesse and working with him at Full Sun Fitness. It is a pleasant, stress free environment and Jesse makes the experience both fun and informative at the same time. Take the time to invest in your yourself, find more energy and live a healthy lifestyle. Thanks again Jesse

Justice B. (Dvprise), May 10, 2021 | he/him | Charlotte, NC

I love working with Jesse! Full Sun Fitness is a safe space where I can come as I am and set my own intentions for what I want to get out of my workouts. And he pushes me to go for the intentions I set. Amazing trainer!

Laurenzo S., May 10, 2021 | he/him/his | Charlotte, NC

This isn’t your normal workout, nor is Jesse your typical cookie cutter trainer! If you’re up for a jammed packed experience, filled with setting your intentions, a workout catered to you & some meditation to cool off; Full Sun Fitness is where you need fo be! Ask him how you can help & find out why he’s so passionate about what he does.

Michael K., March 17, 2021 | he/him/his | Bloomington, IN

This was my first time ever having a personal trainer. Jesse has been an incredible and integral part of my fitness journey. He took the time to design a workout plan specifically for my needs and regularly provides feedback, encouragement, and alterations if needed. If you’re contemplating starting a fitness program or just looking to incorporate new movements into your life you won’t regret working with Full Sun Fitness. From beginner to advanced, they have something for everyone to benefit from.

Lainey P., September 4, 2020 | she/her/hers | Austin, TX

When you (finally) switch your mindset to ENJOY what you’re doing, no matter what it is, you’ll enjoy yourself and want to take care of yourself more. This is a self-love journey, not a self-deprecating short term program.  Jesse will celebrate your smallest victories, and sometimes that’s just showing up to the gym. His constant support with Full Sun Fitness has already been an amazing journey, and I’m so thankful to be a part of something that has allowed me to find peace within myself and find my joy.

Sarah E., March 17, 2021 | she/her/hers | Charlotte, NC

Words cannot fully describe how much Full Sun Fitness has changed my life as well as having a trainer like Jesse who knows just how to make me push through my work outs and strive every day to do my best just as I am! Huge life changing step for me! I am Loving my results and energy level I now have!

Casey K., August 29, 2020 | she/they | Wisconsin

Taking time to meditate with mindfulness prompts got me up and doing the exercises nearly every day. The verbiage Jesse uses and the way they frame food and exercise never made me feel guilty for taking a day when my body just said “NOT today”. Jesse encourages finding the joy in the movement and moving your body in ways that make you feel JOYFUL! I’m grateful for Jesse and what they are doing with Full Sun Fitness.

Sidney R., October 8, 2020 | she/her/hers | Seattle, WA > Chicago, IL

Even before I had my first online consult with Jesse, I knew I had to work with them! It can be difficult being an open book about your personal wellness habits, but Jesse made me feel welcomed and at ease – almost like I was talking to a friend I’d known forever. They are completely invested in my journey to wellness. No goal is too small to be praised and given gratitude, which is something I’ve only experienced working with Jesse! They are sensitive to my past relationships with food and exercise and very conscious of helping me rework my brain and mental checklists when it comes to personal fitness. My plan is so personalized but still constantly challenges me with movements I would have NEVER attempted on my own! Before coming to Full Sun Fitness, I felt like exercise was time taken out of my day, but after working with Jesse, I feel like I am giving myself the gift and permission to move my body and to feel good! Jesse’s guidance is financially accessible and their commitment to equity is a huge game changer. Jesse is clearly starting a revolution, and it is such a privilege to be going on this wellness journey with them by my side.

Erin T., August 30, 2020 | she/her/hers | Bloomington, IN

As a queer, fat, yoga teacher, I have long understood what it feels like and looks like to be on the outside of industry standards. I also know the power and freedom possible when in community with others who celebrate diversity and inclusion. I believe in supporting organizations that stand to include and celebrate all bodies and identities. Jesse and the team at Full Sun Fitness & Nutrition have created a space that encourages radical acceptance and tailor-made sessions for each individual. Our identities matter. Full Sun Fitness has worked hard to create a space that is accessible and where we can reclaim our bodies.

Jim W., August 27, 2020 | he/him/his | Charlotte, NC

I have worked with many trainers over the years, but I must say, Jesse is by far the best. Jesse puts a lot of effort into your sessions before they even start. He gets to know you, your goals, history, likes and dislikes. After the initial assessment, he puts together a plan for you and discusses to make sure we are on the same page. Before the start of each [in-person] session he has the plan laid out on the white board, walks through each step to make sure you are familiar with each move. During the sessions he is totally focused on you. He observes you and makes any adjustments as needed in order to the receive the maximum benefit of each move. He keeps your mind focused on positive things as the fatigue starts to set in. He will even jump in and participate for a little motivation when needed. After the session is over, he will sit with you and discuss how the session felt and what to look forward to in the next session. If you get a chance to hire Jesse, you will not be disappointed.

Rachel S., June 14, 2020 | she/her/hers | Monterey, CA

I came to Jesse looking for help and accountability with movement. Due to my current journey recovering from an eating disorder, I needed someone who was free of judgement and full of compassion and understanding. Jesse approached my needs with kindness and curiosity. If you need someone who can put aside weight loss and unhealthy societal thinking, Jesse is the one. So many trainers focus on weight loss regardless of what you tell them, but I needed it to be about overall health and body love. He took activities that I love like dance and strength training and put it into a plan. He is open to feedback and revisions and was so open when I came to him with any concerns. You are not just a client with him, you are a human with emotions and needs. Thanks Jesse!

(Online & In-person) | 1-1 personal training is available through drop-in ($60) or a fixed session monthly membership. Fixed amount plans are a ‘use it or lose it’ basis to encourage two-way accountability. Your sessions will last up to 60 minutes, designed specifically for you. Expect intelligent, safe, fun movement with a cognitive-emotional component as desired. You will grow and develop mobility, balance, strength, flexibility, mindfulness practices, and unique tools to increase vitality and joy for the rest of your life. Resistance (with and without weights), yoga (yin, power vinyasa, nude), embodiment (yoga+meditation), high intensity (cardio, circuit), functional movement (mobility, corrective), and more. Also, group classes are back! In-person & online yoga, guideded meditation, and resistance circuit classes (HIIT).

Facilities: Summer pool, cardio machines, weights, power cage, fridge, personal storage, shower, gender neutral bathroom, and more!

Group classes: Partner workouts, guided journal mediation, HIIT, & hot yoga!

Highly individualized, educational, loving, and playful sessions

Easy as (1) Book free first session; (2) show up; (3) choose monthly membership and complete comprehensive assessment.

Monthly Membership PriceDetails
$110 (save $10)
$100 (virtual only)
2 sessions/month, and:
Discounted group fitness classes ($15)
Discounted guided journal meditation sessions ($10)
$220 (save $5 per session)
$200 (virtual only)
4 sessions/month, and:
Anytime summer pool access
Discounted group fitness classes ($10)
Free group guided journal meditation sessions
Recordings of every virtual session to keep and re use
$420 (save $10 per session)
$400 (virtual only)
8 sessions/month, and:
Anytime summer pool access
Bring a friend once a month
Free group fitness classes
Custom workout playlists
Gym gear borrowing system
Invites to explore CLT classes (yoga, circuit, etc)
Free group guided journal meditation sessions
Print & digital resources (exercise plans, logs, guides)
Birthday, holiday, goal achievement celebrations + swag
Recordings of every virtual session to keep and re-use
Recurring Monthy Membership Price Structure. Cancel Anytime with No Fee.

For in-person group sessions, substitute teaching, and residency: please contact

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