May 4, 2023

Canvas Rebel: [An interview] Meet Jesse Strunk Elkins: Risk and the Stories of Triumph and Failure

Other than training/knowledge, what do you think is most helpful for succeeding in your field?

To succeed in the world of physical activity, to me, means to discontinue the perpetuation that you have to follow one format to benefit from physical activity. Within this, it is vital that we take responsibility for deconstructing ideals around body size, nutrition, and movement patterns. I encourage all physical activity organizers, teachers, and students (all humans) to challenge what you hear, what you see, and HOW YOU FEEL when you are giving and or receiving in physical activity spaces. For example, if you go to a yoga class, and the teacher says something like, “Push for 30 more seconds to work off that Thanksgiving meal”, recognize how that makes you feel. Does it make you feel like you have to work hard so that you can eat? This is one very small example in a sea of endless and harmful practices that we must challenge to be successful, progressive, loving, and caring in this field.

Challenge tired tropes. Challenge harmful language. Don’t do things that don’t feel good in your body. Do things that make you feel alive and well. Then, teach your communities how to find the things that make them feel alive and well, and support them in that journey… READ HERE

January 31, 2023

Spectrum News 1: Easing Blood Donor Restrictions: LGBTQIA+ community member reacts to proposed blood donor eligibility changes

The updated guidance doesn’t change donor deferral periods for sex workers. “I do think these protocols still discriminate against sex workers because not all people who exchange sex for money or drugs are necessarily at high risk of HIV because chances are they are using some sort of safer sex practices,” Elkins said. The deferral times will remain the same for those who are taking pre-exposure prophylaxis or PrEp pills or injections to prevent getting HIV. According to the FDA, the use of PrEP may delay detection of HIV by licensed screening tests for blood donations. For the last 10 years, Elkins said he’s been traveling around the world, teaching people safer sex practices and HIV preventive measures. He also takes PrEP and thinks the updated guidance would have been a good opportunity to educate people about PrEP. “Instead of more or less stigmatizing people who are taking PrEP, which is a wonderful preventive measure for HIV, by telling them they can’t donate blood, we should be using this opportunity to educate people at higher risk of HIV,”  Elkins said… READ/WATCH HERE

September 26, 2022

Go Solo SubKit: Entrepreneur Interview

You must enjoy your process (including laughing at yourself and understanding that roadblocks are part of the humor of life). Sure, there will be hard tasks and moments, but you must move from joy. If you’re filming for social media, you must also do it because you enjoy doing it. If you are offering a service, you must be immersed in that service.


October 1, 2020 / July 21, 2022

The Loneliness Guy: Comparisons CAN Bring Joy

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