September 26, 2022

Go Solo SubKit: Entrepreneur Interview

You must enjoy your process (including laughing at yourself and understanding that roadblocks are part of the humor of life). Sure, there will be hard tasks and moments, but you must move from joy. If you’re filming for social media, you must also do it because you enjoy doing it. If you are offering a service, you must be immersed in that service.


July 21, 2022

The Loneliness Guy: My Loneliness Story

Loneliness is physical and alive. Loneliness can transcend concept and emotion, penetrating our bodies, becoming palpable, blood rushing, and heart throbbing while conflicting and overloading our sensory systems with simultaneous feelings of empty, pitted rigidity. Loneliness can also generate an abstract storm without shape or physical form, bearing a heavy metaphysical presence (or existential crisis), that lurks in our subconscious minds.


October 1, 2020

The Loneliness Guy: Comparisons CAN Bring Joy

There will be no earth-shattering revelations or magical genies in a bottle once you reach all of the things you want.