Wellness Tracks

All FSFN coaching plans, no matter the track you choose, are set at monthly rates. Each month promises two 60 – 90-minute virtual coaching sessions as well as a daily plan to achieve your fitness and or nutrition goals. Payment only comes once you have completed your confidential assessment form and after we have had our first virtual consultation. If you decide to move forward, payment according to plan is required before your plan is set into action. With belief in the importance of full transparency, all prices are listed with no hidden fees, no registration fees, and no cancellation fees below.

Worried about getting “enough” from virtual training? Personal training and nutrition coaching in an in-person environment ranges anywhere from $60 – $100+ per hour. Remote training with Full Sun Fitness & Nutrition ranges from $85 – $145 per month with ongoing accountability, two virtual face-to-face check-ins per month (including proper exercise form demonstrations), and continuous coaching toward your goals. All tracks will also include personalized guides, exercises, and information geared toward holistic wellness, with, but not limited to sleep, hydration, relationships, support systems, stress levels, and time management.

All plans:

  • Designed remotely and executed either at your gym or at home
  • All plans are set to monthly rates with the option to cancel at any time
  • Contact to discuss lower 6-month rates, lower 12-month rates, and alternate affordability plans

Track 1 – Movement $85/month

Track 2 – Nutrition $85/month

Track 3 – Movement & Nutrition $145/month

Coming soon for Charlotte, NC locals:

  • Weekend group training access: + $20/month with plan
  • Evening in-person 1-1 sessions: + $30/session with plan


Fitness and nutrition are a forever thing. While this might seem daunting, it is a reality (and hopefully an exciting realization) that our wellness is based on actions we take every single day to move our bodies, eat diverse and nutrient dense foods, and pay respect to ourselves as much as possible.

If you’ve made your way to reading this, I have a hunch that you might already have a great idea of how nutrition and fitness guidance might benefit you. Here’s the deal: wellness marketing is good. Actually, wellness marketing is great. Unfortunately, most of the diet fads, exercise machines, and “beach body” messages that we consume are completely inaccurate and misleading. Have you heard of “get fit in 30 days!”? Or, “take this pill and your fat will melt away!”? I, like all other fitness professionals, are here to tell you this is bogus. I am also here to give you a congratulations on taking agency and moving beyond “quick fixes” and making your way here. With Full Sun Fitness, you will also be a part of a colorful community and benefit from:

Accountability. Regular check-ins. Holistic approach to wellness. Personalized and unique plans. A promise of being seen, heard, valued, honored, and supported.


Cool. Me too! Take your first step by downloading, completing, and emailing your assessment form below. Once complete, I will review your personal snapshot, and I will reach out within 48 hours to schedule our initial virtual face to face consultation. From there, if you decide we’re a coach / client match, the world is ours!

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