Virtual Training

Virtual training is cost effective, educational, and mobile. You can pack the price of two hour 1-1 sessions into the price of one month with Full Sun Fitness virtual training.

How it works: 1. Complete your assessment form (bottom of page) | 2. Send us an email with your completed form | 3. Free coach consultation | 4. Your plan begins!

$100 / month, pay as you go, cancel any time! Virtual training is perfect for those of us who are curious, like to understand the process of setting and achieving wellness goals, and like a little bit of accountability. This plan features monthly personalized movement plans with video guides, suitable for at-home, out in nature, or in the gym. Virtual coaching includes anti-diet nutritional tools and various mind, body, sleep, stress journals. We also meet once 1 – 2 times per month to check in with each other and keep things fresh and engaging. You will have anytime text, call, email access to your coach! Virtual gives you flexibility, affordability, autonomy, and safe, effective, workout guides to meet any and all of your movement goals.

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