All testimonials are direct quotes from clients, challengers, and donors in our Full Sun Community.

“Even before I had my first online consult with Jesse, I knew I had to work with them! It can be difficult being an open book about your personal wellness habits, but Jesse made me feel welcomed and at ease – almost like I was talking to a friend I’d known forever. They are completely invested in my journey to wellness. No goal is too small to be praised and given gratitude, which is something I’ve only experienced working with Jesse! They are sensitive to my past relationships with food and exercise and very conscious of helping me rework my brain and mental checklists when it comes to personal fitness. My plan is so personalized but still constantly challenges me with movements I would have NEVER attempted on my own! Before coming to Full Sun Fitness, I felt like exercise was time taken out of my day, but after working with Jesse, I feel like I am giving myself the gift and permission to move my body and to feel good! Jesse’s guidance is financially accessible and their commitment to equity is a huge game changer. Jesse is clearly starting a revolution, and it is such a privilege to be going on this wellness journey with them by my side.”

– Sidney R., October 8, 2020 | she/her/hers | Seattle, WA > Chicago, IL

“As someone who has always struggled with their weight and mental health – I’ve worked with several programs and trainers, none of which were able to balance any of the things I’ve needed. I’m constantly too hard on myself, using food to cope with life stress — I had given up on asking for help. I have been active and in sports all of my life, but when adult life hit, I felt so lost. I lost the purpose of taking care of myself, the joy in exercising, and sometimes the joy in life. Recently married and moving to a new city, I felt like the opportunity to change my lifestyle. Then one day Jesse and Full Sun Fitness came along while scrolling through Instagram. Jesse and I have known each other for a very long time. Throughout our lives, he has constantly been positive, uplifting, and nurturing to everyone around them, regardless of how any of us identify. His love for everyone around him makes him a true gem in this world. When I saw that Jesse was launching a platform for every body, I knew this was it. This was my chance to finally ask a true friend for help, and Jesse (as always) reached his hand out to say, “Let’s do this together and get to work.” Going through this program just like many others I have signed up for, I have not been perfect. I have been in this program for a month and I’ve already fallen off of the “wagon”. Before, I would have quit immediately working out because nothing I would do would fix my mistake. Now, it’s different. Jesse challenges you to ensure that you know this progress is not something that if you fall off once, you’re done. Jesse always wants one thing to be your focus – happiness. If going out to get a pizza and cider with you friends that surprised you makes you happy – enjoy it. Don’t feel guilty for deviating off of a “perfect healthy diet”. Because guess what. When you (finally) switch your mindset to ENJOY what you’re doing, no matter what it is, you’ll enjoy yourself and want to take care of yourself more. This is a self-love journey, not a self-deprecating short term program.  Jesse will celebrate your smallest victories, and sometimes that’s just showing up to the gym. His constant support with Full Sun Fitness has already been an amazing journey, and I’m so thankful to be a part of something that has allowed me to find peace within myself and find my joy.”

– Lainey P., September 4, 2020 | she/her/hers | Austin, TX

“As a queer, fat, yoga teacher, I have long understood what it feels like and looks like to be on the outside of industry standards. I also know the power and freedom possible when in community with others who celebrate diversity and inclusion. I believe in supporting organizations that stand to include and celebrate all bodies and identities. Jesse and the team at Full Sun Fitness & Nutrition have created a space that encourages radical acceptance and tailor-made sessions for each individual. Our identities matter. Full Sun Fitness has worked hard to create a space that is accessible and where we can reclaim our bodies.”

– Erin T., August 30, 2020 | she/her/hers | Bloomington, IN

“Food, Fitness & feelings OH MY! This 12 day challenge got me moving and thinking in new ways. Like many, I’ve struggled for a long time to not only find a semblance of routine that I could keep up with, let alone enjoy. Starting my day with the journal prompts each day was the perfect way for me to ease into the day. Several times I woke up absolutely not wanting to move my body, but taking that time to meditate with the prompts got me up and doing the exercises nearly every time. However, the verbiage Jessie uses and the way they frame food and exercise never made me feel guilty for taking a day when my body just said “NOT today”. Jesse supplied a wide variety of exercises and workouts and often really great tunes to go with them. I was SO sore, but it was a happy sore because I felt continually compelled by a tool that Jesse sent on day 5: Joy. Jesse encourages finding the joy in the movement and moving your body is ways they make you feel joyFUL. I’m grateful for Jesse and what they are doing with Full Sun Fitness. These last 12 days have allowed me to think more deeply about my goals for my own physical and mental wellness and I am so excited to continue blooming!”

– Casey K., August 29, 2020 | she/they | Wisconsin

“I have worked with many trainers over the years, but I must say, Jesse is by far the best. Jesse puts a lot of effort into your sessions before they even start. He gets to know you, your goals, history, likes and dislikes. After the initial assessment, he puts together a plan for you and discusses to make sure we are on the same page. Before the start of each [in-person] session he has the plan laid out on the white board, walks through each step to make sure you are familiar with each move. During the sessions he is totally focused on you. He observes you and makes any adjustments as needed in order to the receive the maximum benefit of each move. He keeps your mind focused on positive things as the fatigue starts to set in. He will even jump in and participate for a little motivation when needed. After the session is over, he will sit with you and discuss how the session felt and what to look forward to in the next session. If you get a chance to hire Jesse, you will not be disappointed.

– Jim W., August 27, 2020 | he/him/his | Charlotte, NC

“I came to Jesse looking for help and accountability with movement. Due to my current journey recovering from an eating disorder, I needed someone who was free of judgement and full of compassion and understanding. Jesse approached my needs with kindness and curiosity. If you need someone who can put aside weight loss and unhealthy societal thinking, Jesse is the one. So many trainers focus on weight loss regardless of what you tell them, but I needed it to be about overall health and body love. He took activities that I love like dance and strength training and put it into a plan. He is open to feedback and revisions and was so open when I came to him with any concerns. You are not just a client with him, you are a human with emotions and needs. Thanks Jesse!”

– Rachel S., June 14, 2020 | she/her/hers | Monterey, CA

– Sarah E. | she/her/hers | Charlotte, NC

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