Hello! The wellness industry is full of products designed to supplement, aid, and progress your wellness habits and patterns. However, oftentimes products miss the mark and target movement trends in an irresponsible way. This is our good faith effort to uplift the products we know and trust, and by purchasing through the links provided, you will be helping Full Sun Fitness grow stronger for our communities served.

If you want to know more about a product before purchasing, we’d be happy to discuss! Just send us an email: jesse@fullsunfitness.com

Dense Foam Roller

Good for: Myofascial release, muscle inflammation and tightness relief, increased joint range of motion

Why we like it: This is a great tool to come back to your body. Roll while you steady your breathing and before and after exercise. This tool can also be used as a yoga prop, stretching bolster, and recovery accelerator. This is a lower-cost tool that is portable and excellent for daily use.

Theragun Mini

Good for: This big sister of the dense foam roller uses percussion therapy to manipulate soft tissue, reduce muscle soreness, and increase range of motion. Great for: muscle soreness, increasing blood flow, decreasing lactic acid build up, lymphatic flow, improved range of motion, and our favorite: improved body awareness.

Why we like it: We like the price, the mini version for easy travel, and all the above that this is good for. It’s like a self-massage any time you want… plus this tool can be shared with your loved ones and fitness pals.

Resistance Ring Bands

Good for: Well, just about everything. Convenience, added resistance to upper and lower workouts, squat alignment, and our favorite: hip strength.

Why we like it: This tool is astounding for abduction and adduction of the hips, which help strengthen and stabilize your ability to stand, walk, and move throughout your days. With proper use, this tool is excellent for hip and knee joint injury prevention. Bonus: you can use them while lying on the ground while channeling your 80’s workout vids!

Maduka Pro Yoga Mat

Good for: Groundwork, yoga, meditation, knee protection, travel.

Why we like it: Eco friendly, very long lasting, excellent grip when the going gets sweaty, thick enough for great knee padding, but not too thick to be cumbersome to travel with. They come in gorgeous colors and are a cheaper alternative to rubber gym flooring.


Good for: Balance development, proprioception, everyday muscle and nerve coordination, added challenge to resistance training, back and abdominal support.

Why we like it: Firstly, this tool is playful! Second, it adds an excellent challenge to many movement patterns and helps us develop our balance and proprioception, which are vital to orienting ourselves in time and space and as we age.


Good for: Navigating your relationship with diet culture and eating patterns.

Why we like it: This incredibly thoughtful book illuminates something many of us struggle with: weight, time, money, and joy. Christy Harrison helps you understand toxic diet trends and offers a shift to a more sustainable and enjoyable eating experience.

Battle Ropes

Good for: Dynamic cardio & strength training exercise.

Why we like it: This incredible tool is playful and serves to release big emotion. It also helps stabilize side to side imbalances, offers a full body workout (cardio, upper back, arms, core, glutes), can be paired with lunge and squat movements, builds grip strength, and packs an excellent workout in a short amount of time. We favor uncomplicated tools that are effective and efficient, and this is at the top of the list!

Water Rower

Good for: Low impact cardio & daily movement.

Why we like it: The water rower, specifically, is one of the most relaxing and soothing workouts one can find. With a low price and high quality, this simple machine is a *must* home gym staple. This machine is perfect for warm ups and cool downs and is safe on your joints while providing a full body workout. This tool also embodies “what you put in, you get out” as your effort/pull directs the tension/difficulty of your workout. Imagine the “wooooosh” sound and lean into it!

Stationary Bike

Good for: Aerobic exercise, leg strength, low impact on joints

Why we like it: Like the water rower, this bike is cost effective, long lasting, and an excellent staple for cardio workouts. You can use it for long, slow, and steady rides or high intensity interval training. Either way, this single piece of equipment will bring a brilliant addition to your enjoyable workout routine.

Bowflex Dumbbells

Good for: Resistance training and movement pattern development and correction.

Why we like it: This compact, durable, and interchangeable dumbbell weight set is the most affordable and transportable option for your home gym.

Apple Watch 6

Good for: Health metrics

Why we like it: While stopwatches are great, this apple watch allows you to track your heartrate, oxygen levels, distances, times, steps, and sleep patterns, all of which are vital pieces of information for tracking and developing your wellness patterns. With the emergency signal, this watch will keep you safe if you adventure out on your own.

Basic Flat Bench

Good for: Many resistance exercises and cardio movements.

Why we like it: This bench is simple and doesn’t take up much space. It also offers playful cardio stability for things like bench hops and toe taps and serves as a much cheaper alternative to a plyo box for box steps.