Programs are a unique way for you to experience the Full Sun Community. With our one of a kind, Full Sun coach-created programs, you will gain access to MyPTHub, a smartphone device worth $50/month, for free where you will access your movement plan with how-to videos, tips, and tricks, as well as an easy to track component. Plans are available as-is with no assessment form needed.

How it works: 1. Choose your plan(s) | 2. Send us an email with your choice(s) and or questions | 3. Download MyPTHub, click the special access code we send, and move to your pleasure and joy!

$100 | 4-week At-home Foundations, by Coach Jesse

Perfect for all levels & those of us who want to restart or kickstart our movement at home. This plan is designed to create foundational support for mobility, flexibility, strength, and of course, mental wellbeing with 4 movement days/week including stretch & mobility days. Slow, steady, safe, and challenging is sometimes exactly what we need to establish great habits, trust our bodies, explore new territory, and inspire our next moves. No equipment needed.

$200 | 8-week Muscle & Strength Progression, by Coach Jesse

Intermediate to advanced program geared toward muscle and strength, balance and growth. You will also reap the benefits of heart-healthy cardio, progressive overload, dynamic and compound movements, balance work, stability training, and athletic playfulness. It’s safe to say we love this non boring, tried and trusted plan. You will undoubtedly see results with this plan. Equipment needed: bench, dumbbells, pull-up bar, jump rope – many of which can be substituted.

$45 | Food, Fitness, Feelings Challenge

A 12-day email challenge with special daily recipes, thought pieces, affirmations, and exercises. This program is designed to bring a little spark to your daily inbox and hopefully catalyze a new take on the self, body, mind, and movement.

More programs coming soon!

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