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Monthly rates (pay as you go), no registration fee, cancel anytime. Payment comes once you have completed your assessment form (bottom of page) and after we have had our virtual or in-person consultation (not required for 1 & 2 month integration plans).

Valid now through July 14th, 2021. If you join before July 14, your prices will be “grandfathered” in. See pricing & plan changes starting July 15, 2021.



All plans below give you virtual access to MyPTHub, a smartphone app (worth $49/month – but we cover that) that we use to deliver your plan straight to your devices. All plans include video guides for each movement as well as the ability to track everything you’ve done, leave feedback for yourself and your coach, and see your goal-oriented progress along the way! *If you are living with mobility, cognitive, visual, speech, or hearing impairments, we are equipped to establish plans that work for you. 

$50 – 1-month at-home integration plan 

Perfect for: All levels, but particularly those of us who want to restart or kickstart our movement at home. COVID-19 has stirred quite a bit up, but with this at-home program, you can keep your movement alive and well in the safety of your own home. This plan is designed to create foundational support for mobility, flexibility, strength, and of course, mental wellbeing. 

$65 – 1-month personalized plan

Perfect for: All levels. This plan is very goal-oriented & nuanced and established when we have our initial consultation. All movements are catered exactly to your gorgeous goals and set to as many days/week as your goals and life require/desire over the course of one month. Similar to the at-home integration plan, this plan can either help set a unique foundation to your goals, or it can help you dive deeper, reach higher, and keep things interesting as you move your body. After this first month, it is recommended that folx move to “plan + coach” to continue to evolve your movement in a personalized manner with supplemental mind and nutrition guides and journals.

$85 – 1-month personalized plan + coaching 

Perfect for: those of us who are curious, like to understand the process of setting and achieving wellness goals, and like a little bit of accountability. This plan features everything above, plus integrative nutritional guides that are not diet-centric, but rather aim to educate and help you establish and maintain a joyful and beneficial relationship with food. With this plan, you also receive various journals that apply to your mind, body, sleep, stress, and nutritional goals. We also meet once every two weeks to make adjustments, check in with each other, and keep things fresh and engaging. To boot, you will have anytime text/call/email access to your coach!

$90 – 2-month at-home integration plan

Perfect for: All levels. This plan is exactly like the 1-month integration plan above, but here you will receive two full months with the second month varying your movements and continuing to build that gorgeous foundation. This plan is the recommended integration plan because slow, steady, safe, planned, and integrative is sometimes what we need to create great habits, trust our bodies, and inspire our futures. 

$200 – 2-month muscle building and strength training plan

Perfect for: intermediate/advanced folx who have access to basic gym equipment (bench, dumbbells, plyo box, pull-up bar, jump rope) – give or take a few (we are happy to make adjustments based on what you have access to). This plan is great for folx with hypertrophy (muscle growth) and strength goals. In this plan you will also reap the benefits of heart-healthy cardio, strength building through progressive overload, dynamic and compound movements, balance work, stability training, and athletic playfulness. It’s safe to say we love this very personalized, tried and trusted (by us!) plan. You will undoubtedly see big results with this plan. You may also continue with a coaching plan after these two months — otherwise we will send you off into the horizon with “next steps” to continue your growth and goals.

Charlotte, NC locals in-person training

While virtual training has proved effective and successful on many levels, working with a coach in person is a unique experience, particularly at Full Sun Fitness. Here’s what to expect: Each session will begin with the “focus” of the day. Think of this as a think-piece. Something to carry with you through your workout – something to expand your mind and create space for more self-love. After our focus chat, we will review your workout, make any special notes / demonstrations, and answer any questions. Then we turn the music up and MOVE! All movements throughout your workout are guided, adjustable, safe, and some would say: fun! At the end of your workout, we like to keep our favorite yoga tradition: Shavasana/corpse pose. Here, you lay on your back with a (very) cold towel over your eyes and you recenter before greeting the rest of your day. Of course, stretching, nutritional talk-throughs, and more are included in every session as desired/recommended. 

Pro tip: 1 session is great for recharging and re engaging your movement. However, if you commit to 10 sessions up front, you will save $50 (for non-monthly plan members) or $30 (for monthly members). You will also have a commitment to yourself and to your coach to learn, explore, develop, and build upon your mind and body wellness. Bonus: We keep a special client playlist for all of our local community members. If you want, you can choose the music and the vibe of your session! Amenities: Cardio machines (water rower – very soothing, and stationary bike), all-levels of strength training gear, coconut water, ice cold water, gender-free bathroom, free and easy parking, full-length mirrors, and more!

Unsure which plan is right for you? Reach out or complete your assessment form and we’ll choose together!


Us too! Download, complete, and email your assessment form below to get started. We’ll review and reach out within 48 hours to schedule your virtual face-to-face consultation. If you believe we are a great client / coach match, the world will be ours!

* If your computer/software doesn’t support a word document, send us an email and we will send the assessment form in plain text ❤

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