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Meet our otherworldly, talented, caring, kind, loving partners. These folx are skilled beyond belief, and we know this because they’ve supported us in one way or another. These masterminds are trusted and loved by us and we are confident that if you reach out to them for services or support, you will be treated with the highest of Full Sun Fitness standards of safety, kindness, and support.

Browse through, check out our partner Full Sun Fitness referral-only discounts (special code needed), and allow our network to illuminate your life in ways you choose, in and out of the gym!

Andrew Hodge (he/him) | Graphic Designer & Full Sun Designer | 25% off First Logo for Full Sun Members


Social Media: @andruhodge

Services: I’m currently not seeking new graphic design clients (though I’m very flexible). I can be reached with requests via email or social media, where I offer 25% off for new logo clients coming from Full Sun Fitness! (I normally charge $250 for a simple logo. Beyond that, we can work out an hourly rate that works for your needs). If I’m not available to create your design, I can refer you to another designer whose work will be just as beautiful and who will provide the same safe and compassionate experience.

Why I support Full Sun Fitness: As an artist, especially lately, I often ask myself, “Does the world need this?” “Am I creating something with the potential to provide?” The answer isn’t always simple, and it can be tricky to keep ego out of the conversation. But, with Full Sun Fitness & Nutrition, the answer’s always been clear to me. It’s an emphatic, “Yes!” People yearn for this. We all have a body. So, fitness shouldn’t feel exclusive. In my own experience, I’ve felt intimidated out of taking my health and strength as seriously as I’d have liked. I’ve sold myself short, for not feeling comfortable or supported in my fitness goals. And I’ve avoided situations where I felt like I was being sold something I didn’t need. Full Sun Fitness is a space that can help people like me, or as unlike me as you can imagine. The threshold for entry is remarkably inclusive, and that’s not just fast talk. Having known Jesse for years, I can attest that his arms are open. Caring is his default setting, and he’ll undoubtedly assemble a team that shares his vision. And, in our talks about design, it’s always been apparent that inclusivity and real, full-spectrum wellness is at the heart of every decision Jesse’s made here. Now, I know it won’t just be hugs and singing bowls. Once you’re in the door, and you take that first deep breath from knowing you’re somewhere you belong, there’s work to be done. And the good news is, Jesse’s got your back. As a member of this community, your success is his success. I hope my belief in the good faith of this endeavor encourages you to leap.

Right now, it is important to me to illuminate purpose!

Danielle Codere (she/they) | Chief Unicorn, Wellness Coach & Creative Strategist | Free Range Unicorn | 22% Lifetime Discount for Full Sun Members



Certifications: Health & Master Transformational Life Coach (Health Coach Institute), LGBT Business Certified (NGLCC)

Services: (1) “The Unicorn Bliss Package”: I offer coaching packages for Individuals who struggle to see their brilliance and are looking to create
joy in their life. (2) “The Unipreneur Business Package”: I help entrepreneurs create offerings they love that are authentic to who they are AND the systems to support their goals. (3) “V.I.U. Days”: This is a “Very Important Unicorn Day” where we look at your birth chart, gene keys, numerology & Human Design and spend time oozing over your brilliance. We will then create a “rainbowprint” to detail how you can leverage this information to benefit you in every area of your life. By the end of this 4 hour session, you will be head over heels in love with your life! All pricing TBD.

Why I support Full Sun Fitness: Full Sun Fitness represents strength building from the inside out. Not just physical strength, but emotional, and dare I say even on a spiritual level. As someone who has faced an avalanche of adversity, I recognize my need to be as happy and healthy as possible. Unfortunately when you’re considered morbidly obese, your doctors will tell you to stop eating and move more, leaving so many unanswered questions. This is why I chose to find answers regarding health through my work & training as a certified NLP Coach where I found my ability to dig deep regarding my own struggles with obesity. Now having lost 77lbs (and still counting), I am dedicated to helping others pursue their own dreams, in whatever form they develop. Partnering with Jesse & Full Sun Fitness is the opportunity that I’ve been longing for. While the Coaching industry is taking a turn towards the darkside, Jesse is building an empire on the foundation of diversity and inclusion. Full Sun Fitness is wellness for every BODY, especially for anyone who has ever felt as though they were embarrassed, ashamed or outcasted in the past. It’s with Full Sun Fitness where you can begin your evolution to your best self.

Right now, it is important to me to illuminate self-awareness & compassion!

Maks Gomez (he/him) | Bodyworker / Massage Therapist | Mythic Massage | 50% Off New Client Package for Full Sun Members


Social: IG: @maksimumrex & @mythic.charlotte & Website:

Certifications: Licensed Massage Therapist: 17657

Services: (1) Currently offering bodywork and kinesiology for improved mobility and decreased pain. (2) We also offer a Better Backrubs class and self-massage instruction for self-care. We charge by treatment, not by time, and stand behind our programming. Rates change based on availability, but we offer some sliding scale in addition to discounts for programming.*Nosotros tenemos un masajista licenciado en NC y en VA que habla español.

Why I support Full Sun Fitness: We believe movement of all kinds can be healing for all bodies, so we love being able to partner with someone who feels the same way.

Right now, it is important to me to illuminate connection!

Turkessa Jones [info coming soon]





Why I support Full Sun Fitness:

Right now, it is important to me to illuminate


Like our partners, our contributors have helped Full Sun grow and enhance our services & community. Though our contributors are not formal Network Partners, they provide excellent services/products and you can always reach out and send them some love!

Stevie Smith | She / Her | Natural Scent Creator

Apothecary Specialist
Moonlight Magick Apothecary | Etsy: @moonlightmagick1111 | IG: @moonlightmagickapothecary

Why I support Full Sun Fitness: I believe in and support Full Sun Fitness because this company not only supports, but also empowers the queer community in all of its beautiful complexity. I love that Full Sun Fitness supports all aspects of our health and wellbeing: physical, mental, as well as emotional. Companies like this change the world for the better, one client at a time and I am proud to support them for this and so many other extraordinary contributions to the queer community. [We are proud to partner with Stevie to bring our very own, all natural, healing and energizing post-workout oil & mist with rosemary, lavender, and peppermint, created with Stevie’s secret recipe.

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