Local CLT

Are you a Charlotte, NC local or passerby looking to deepen your movement practice and expand your routine? 1-1 personal training is an excellent way to do so! In our growing network of Full Sun Fitness coaches, we have the freedom to choose where we train. In Charlotte, your local trainer, Jesse, has a home gym where all training takes place.

Your sessions will last up to 60 minutes, designed specifically for you. Expect: smart, safe, fun movement, intention setting, music, aromatherapy, shavasana + stretching, nutritional talk-throughs, and more as desired/recommended. It is safe to say that you will grow, develop mobility, balance, strength, flexibility, deeper mindfulness, and tools to increase vitality and joy for the rest of your life, among the many, many other benefits of mindful movement. Gym amenities: Cardio machines (water rower – very soothing, and stationary bike), all-levels of strength training gear, ice cold water, rotating ice pops & coconut water, gender-free bathroom, free and easy parking, and more!

How it works: 1. Choose your pack | 2. Complete assessment form (bottom of page) | 3. Email form to FullSunFitness.com | 4. Schedule consultation | 5. The world is ours!

1 session: $60

5 pack: $270 (-10%)

10 pack: $480 (-20%)

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