Q: How does virtual training work?

A: Step 1: Complete assessment form (see bottom of page: wellness tracks & pricing). Step 2: Virtual or in-person consultation. Step 3: Sign waivers. Step 4: Your coach will register you with MyPTHub, an app designed to deliver personalized movement plans with video guides, tips and tricks. Follow and track your movements as long as you’re a FSF member! For app + coaching plans, we will also have two monthly FaceTime check-ins and you will have anytime access to your coach.

Q: What determines pricing?

A: The US national average cost of one personal training session is $55. We want our programs and coaching to be as accessible as possible while charging enough to be operational. With our monthly coaching plan, you will receive 30 day’s worth of coaching for $85 (less than the average cost of two in-person training sessions). We also extend in-person sessions for $30/session to Charlotte, NC locals who have a monthly plan. To boot, we offer $50 in-person sessions for folx without a monthly plan as well as cheaper 10-session packages, well below the national average.

Q: Can I cancel any time?

A: Yes. The goal of coaching is to teach, guide, and help you build your own toolbox. It is only natural that, one day, you will decide that you no longer want coaching. When that day comes, whenever your most recent month lapses, no further payment is due.

Q: Do you specialize in anything specific?

A: We specialize in movement, body acceptance, and mental health awareness. This means we are equipped to coach you through your movement goals: endurance, mobility, flexibility, physique building, strength, and more. This also means that while we will help you reach your goals, we will also challenge you to understand why you want to reach these goals. Weight does not necessarily equal health and we uphold body acceptance & neutrality at all times. We are also trauma-informed and willing and ready to help you navigate your fitness and movement during past and active addiction and or disordered eating. With that said, we will never hesitate to inquire and collaborate with your healthcare professionals.

Q: Where do personal training sessions take place for Charlotte, NC locals?

A: We currently have a garage gym, fully fitted with everything you need for reaching your fitness goals. Location is near Northlake Mall on the Charlotte/Huntersville line and the address will be given to active clients.

Q: What if I want to train, but I can’t quite afford it at the moment?

A: Let’s talk. Send us an email. If you are Trans or BIPOC, we are working diligently to fundraise to provide paid-in-full training in 2021. BIPOC Folx always have 20% off of all services. If you are interested in the free training pool when we launch it, first come first served, so please send us an email now!

Q: Where did the name, “Full Sun” come from?

A: Full Sun, to us, means full light & full embrace. Full Sun means being luminous in your pride and expansive and unapologetic in your growth. We also like the idea of shining light on everything, holistically. This means we coach wellness from every perspective: mind & body, social, sleep, food, sex, relationships, mobility: all of it.

More Q’s for us? Head on over to our feedback page and send us a message!

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