Let’s talk equity. More specifically, let’s talk wellness access for Trans & BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) Folx. Here’s the thing, we have a long way to go when it comes to healthcare and wellness equity for Trans & BIPOC Folx. We want to help, in a small way. So, here, all donations will go directly to covering the cost of wellness coaching for our Trans and BIPOC Full Sun Fitness clients.

With that said, all BIPOC clients receive 20% off of all services, always.





Why donate? Equity. Civic Duty. Community. Care. Direct Impact. FAQ:

Can I write my donation off on taxes? FSFN is currently a sole proprietorship. We are not a 501(c)(3) non-profit, thus, donations cannot be written off. However, we strive to make our pricing as accessible as possible while remaining operational. We also strive, as you know by now, to provide free coaching for the most marginalized communities. Your donation, in full, will directly impact those we serve with FREE services.

How does this work? Funds are available to Trans & BIPOC clients starting January 1, 2021. Funds are available as-needed on an ongoing basis as long as they are there. Funds can be used for monthly plans or in-person sessions or a mix of both.

Where exactly does my money go? All funds raised will go directly to Full Sun Fitness operational costs to displace the cost-burden on our recipients. This means that we are able to remain operational while providing FREE coaching and training sessions to our recipients. Your donation will ensure that we coach effectively, maintain the tools (virtual & material) we use for coaching, and give our clients the service they deserve. Your money directly supports Trans and BIPOC communities.

Are there other ways to donate? Yes. If you are interested in becoming a “Client Sponsor”, please email us at In that case, you or your company would accept billing for one more more Trans &/or BIPOC clients that you would like to support in the future. Another great way to donate (for Charlotte, NC locals) is to purchase our discounted 5- or 10-pack training sessions to gift to your own Trans &/or BIPOC customers. Email to inquire!

Do I get anything for donating? Of course! Donor Levels:

FRIEND: $5 – $45: Special “Thank You” Post Card

ALLY: $50 – $200: Post card, “Drink Water, Friend.” sticker, 50% off first month plan with FSFN (for you OR gift to a friend)

COMRADE: $205 – $500: Post card, “Drink Water, Friend.” sticker, FREE first month plan with FSFN (for you OR gift to a friend), original t-shirt from our “Shop” page of your choice

CO-CONSPIRATOR: $505+: Post card, “Drink Water, Friend.” sticker, FREE 3 month plan with FSFN (for you OR gift to a friend), ANY original item from our “Shop” page of your choice, and a permanent donor feature on our “Team” page with your photo/company/logo.


Lauren E., Port Charlotte, FL | Nick C., Charlotte, NC | Erin T., Bloomington, IN | Laura W., Bloomington, IN | Michael K., Bloomington, IN | Brad G., Charlotte, NC | Laura P., Bloomington, IN | Jeff E., Port Charlotte, FL | Fuller T., New York, NY | Timothy L., Brooklyn, NY | Caleb S., Charlotte, NC | Casey K., Milwaukee, WI

Trans & BIPOC Wellness Scholarship Donation

Donations are set in increments of $5 with no limit on the amount you can donate. Once you have donated, we will follow up via email.


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