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Meet the foundation of Full Sun Fitness: our Personal Trainer Network. All Full Sun Fitness coaches are nationally accredited & certified personal trainers (CPT), and identify as Queer and or Ally/Comrade to all LGBTQIA+ communities, and operate from the shared Full Sun Fitness philosophy:

We are all beautifully unique with stories that have the power to bridge and connect the world in kind, wholehearted ways. We know that all people deserve to be able to show up just as we are: all sizes, all opinions, all genders and non-genders, all moods, all efforts, all income levels, all abilities, all races, all professions, all sexualities, all everything that is authentically us. Beyond this, we should be able to take what we need and leave behind what we don’t. We should all have the freedom and trauma-informed support to express what we need and what we want to illuminate, practice, and deepen in our lives. We believe that you deserve the best wellness and exercise tools founded in scientific evidence and lived experience and we will refer out for anything we are unable to provide in complete confidence. Finally, we are grateful that you are here and we will uphold that gratitude and care for you throughout your entire Full Sun Fitness experience and as you take what you learn to your friends, families, and communities.

You share you, we’ll share us, and maybe we can all shine brighter under the Full Sun.

Jesse Elkins | All Pronouns | Founder & CEO | Charlotte, NC

Certifications: Level I Functional Movement Systems 2021; Certified Personal Trainer (ISSA) 2020; Certified Nutrition Coach (ISSA) 2020; Certified Hot Sculpt Yoga Teacher (Vibe Yoga) 2018 Courses: Anatomy & Physiology for Transgender Individuals (ACSM) 2021; International Health & Fitness Summit (ACSM) 2021

Hello! We are all so much more than our bios, but here’s a little bit about me: I am a swimmer, HIV researcher, wellness coach, partner, step-dad, dog-dad, community lover, educator, traveller, supporter of All Black Lives Matter, New Mexico born, Hoosier raised, North Carolina settled. After moving to North Carolina in 2019, I decided I wanted a healthier way to build community – one that felt supportive and loving – a community that uplifts each other to be the best they can and a community that “fails forward” with grace and kindness. The perfect intersection of all of this for me was and is community wellness. So, I began studying to become a CPT (Certified Personal Trainer) and Nutrition Coach. During my studies, I had time to reflect on my own experience around wellness more deeply, which highlighted my own insecurities and limitations not only as someone on a wellness journey, but as a Queer person on a wellness journey. I have struggled in the fitness arena. Language is often discriminatory, and even traumatizing, fitness is body-centric with “beach body” ideals, and the landscape is inundated with toxic masculinity and confining binaries. Now, amplify these challenges coming from a white cis-gender person, and imagine the burden on much more marginalized and ostracized people in our Queer community. Enter: Full Sun Fitness. I created this community to challenge social norms and create a safe space where people can build sustainable wellness through fitness and nutrition with supportive language, visibility, understanding, and camaraderie. I created this community to offer an affordable and personalized coaching option in an otherwise money-driven and capitalistic industry. I created this community to intersect my self-care and compassion with wellness for my Queer family. I also work full-time in the non-profit arena in HIV care, prevention, and research. With more than 8 years working closely with marginalized populations, namely transgender folx, people experiencing homelessness, and people living with HIV, I have developed a trauma-informed, compassionate, and loving tool-box in which I plan to utilize every step of the way for clients of Full Sun Fitness & Nutrition. Thank you for being here. Thank you for being curious. Thank you for finding time to explore this option to give yourself more love. Finally, thank you in advance if you reach out to me. You will be seen. You will be heard. You will be valued. You will be cared for.

Ryan Schuhler | All Pronouns | Lead Virtual Coach | Seattle, WA

Certifications: Certified Personal Trainer (ACSM), Corrective Exercise Specialist (NASM), Functional Aging Specialist (FAI), Aquatic Therapy Certified (ATRI)

Hi All, I’m Ryan! Husband, friend, pet parent (Corbin, pup; Oscar, cat), environmentalist, indoor jungle grower (disco balls included), activist, trainer, group exercise instructor, creative mind, and football aficionado… to name a few things. As you know, our paths are long and winding, full of detours, pit stops, photo ops, flat tires, and breathtaking views. So, here is a bite-sized glimpse of me: My fitness journey: I attended Purdue University where I stumbled between a few majors until I found my home in Health and Kinesiology. I never looked back. Since, and over the past decade, I have deepened my kinesiology practice by individualizing my own art and style of coaching within group exercise and personal training. My experience and academic specialties include: Senior Fitness, Posture Correction, Balance, Aquatic Exercise, Functional Fitness, and Core/Back Strengthening. Throughout my career, I have also deepened my sense of self. Growing up in a small town in Indiana did not nurture a total sense of self-discovery, nor self-expression, making it hard to navigate who I was and who I wanted to be. Luckily, Purdue helped me find my community and chosen family, which helped me nurture my unknowingly dormant seed. ‘With a little help from my friends’, the doors swung open, and I truly began to discover my fabulous, expressive, shimmering, Queer identity. On brand with self-discovery, I had a few kinks to iron out. Fighting my low self-esteem with materialism and comparative judgement, you could suffice to say that I went through quite a few highs, lows, and internal struggles. However, with support from the people closest to me, I have grown into my best self. Now, residing in Seattle, WA with my husband, cat, and dog, I am actively living out my sense of self in expression, loves, career, passions, and equity work, including coaching with Full Sun Fitness. Seattle’s diversity has helped me realize my privileged position as a white, cis-gender male in this life and in all wellness spaces. It is of my utmost best intention to use my position and role as a Full Sun Fitness Coach to educate others about systemic racism and misogynistic problems while uplifting those most marginalized through providing well-informed coaching and wellness support. Beyond this, I am here to learn with open ears, heart, and mind. I, like many of you, are in the long fight to paint the world in a rainbow light with equitable opportunity so that we can all reach our goals and dreams…

If you’d like to work with me, I’d like to work with you! For virtual coaching, contact me at: